i really need to let off some steam. SOME PEOPLE

United States
September 4, 2008 1:10pm CST
ok alot of you know i have rental trailers and we have cheap rent 300 a month for a 2 bed room. they are nice trailers too not run down etc. well the ones i complain about alot moved thank goodness. we went in to see what all neeeded to be done to get it fixed for the next person and omg!!!!!!! it smelled so bad. there were pee stains all in the carpet. it was new carpet!!!! they have torn all teh wall paper off the walls. they left trash every where. it has a stand up shower and a garden tun and well some how the cracked the shower floor and the wall. they nailed the cabinets shut. we only charge 100.00 deposit and that wont come close to fixing this. the carpet will have to be replaced. i dont understand people. why on earth would you do this to someone that helped you for starters. i mean we let them move in without all the money in the first place in 8 months they only paid on time 2 times. we moved them out here cause they didnt have a car. i gave them rides to work and home. we let them borrow a tv when they moved in cause they didnt have one and they even took that. they didnt even bring the key back just left the place open. i like to try and give people help and understand but after this set and the ones before them i think i am going to be like most people and just say oh well money or get out. dont bother me unless you need to pay or have an issue. dont ask me for help with anything. i mean that is the way 90% of landlords are. ok i feel alittle better now.
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@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
4 Sep 08
Boy it sure sounds like you really had a frustrating time this past while. You seem like you will get some relief now. I feel bad for the situation. I myself have often asked myself how it is that anyone could ruin things in a house such as a carpet or walls and just leave things that way. I can't figure it out. You seem like a good person. You seem like a good and giving person and you get taken advantage of. I wish you much luck with this. By the way, where are these trailers?
• United States
4 Sep 08
we are in ogden arkansas. the town is population 214. lol. we are about 11 miles from texarkana which is a bigger city. it is in the country and we love it. we just try to keep things nice and cheap at the same time so that families can save money and have a safe place to live. families just starting out can save for there first house etc. or older people that dont have much income can have a safe nice place to live without to much stress. most jobs here pay around 7.50 an hour. my company is always hiring they start out at 8.50 an hour. but we have papermills, cooper tire, lots of trucking companies around us and red river army depot. so there are lots of jobs here. we just went through so much and lived in horriable places when we started out that we like to give people a chance to get out of that type of living.
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• Philippines
20 Sep 08
Those people are really pain in the head. They are nuts. Yeah, its not right to help and help others and in return this will happen to you, you receive all the lost. Money matters everyday, but only because there are reasons. How i wish people around learn to appreciate the help of strangers and give something in return. So sad people you encounter are retarded.
• Canada
5 Sep 08
Those people sound like idiots! I can't believe what would posess some people to act like that. Oh well, there's always MyLot when you need to let off some steam. I'm glad you came here to talk about it. A couple of years ago my toilet overflowed, and totally ruined the carpet. My landlords tried to blame me for it. They didn't count on the fact that my husband (well he wasn't my husband then I wish he was!!) actually knew something abput plumming, and it wasn't my fault at all that that happened.