My Frustrations

September 5, 2008 12:23am CST
I have lots of frustrations. An example is whenever I saw a camera I being frustrsted because it is so expensive... It is my dream to enter on photography.. How about you? What is your frustrations?
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@aize003 (225)
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
i want to be good in playing the guitar like my husband..well i know how to play the guitar but not that good..and I'm very frustrated when i imitate him whenever he's playing..darn it's so hard!!I practice a lot but still not that good
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
5 Sep 08
Unfortunately, most of my frustrations in life right now are due to the fact that I am looking for a job that I like that I can do and that I can get paid enough to pay my bills. I have a slight physical handicap, but it is just enough that it affects my ability to do some kinds of work. I have a hard time standing or walking for extended periods, so I am looking for a desk job. I had a job making good money, but it was about to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. I am working part time in a restaurant right now, but being on my feet for extended periods starts to bother me by the end of the night. The money is also not that great, but I am hoping that I can manage to pay the bills until I can find something less physically demanding that pays a little better. I have an interview for an office position tomorrow morning. I hope I can get the job. I am pretty happy with other areas of my life right now. I just have to find a good job.
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
Don't get so frustrated. You have a job. Save and you can buy your own camera. I am into simple photography and I love it, although I'm not an expert.