Why is double standard a problem between women and men

United States
September 5, 2008 2:42pm CST
why is it that when a guy does something a female compares her self to the situation a guy say well its is not approriatefor a woman to do certain things. For example:A guy could go out drink and party all night and the female or girlfriend has to except the fact that they are supposelly that doing anything wrong. but when the girlfriend goes and do the same exact thing the guy did. the female is called all kids of names. why is it that guys feel they can do more than a female?
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• United States
5 Sep 08
Because they can. We let them. Women tolerate their behavior and condemn other women for doing similar things. How many times have you heard women call each other nasty names? Names that imply certain behaviors. There is a real double-standard in the world with regards to women's behavior. If a man cheats he's a philaderer, his wife is out of luck. If a woman cheats, she's a bunch of words you don't use in polite company and her husband is cuckold. Society for a long time has had the attitude that women are to be pristine and pure, while men can be whatever they want to be. That's changing. A lot has changed. Slowly. But ask most parents and they will tell you that their daughter's honor is more worrisome then their son's taking another girl's honor. Because of that, boys grow up feeling that they are somehow entitled to do what they want. Now, though, they are being forced to face the consequences of their behavior.