The final bell rang for 343.

United States
September 6, 2008 7:59pm CST
This Thursday is the 11th, please take a moment that day to remember all those who lost their lives 09-11-01. For all the firefighters, police, port authority and other first responders, WE WILL NEVER FORGET. For all of those that lost a loved one that day, THEY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. And for the brave men and women on flight 93, they showed courage, bravery, and honor that day. Those terrorists wanted to start something that day, and they did! I know many men in the armed services, including my son-in-law, and not one of them have ever forgotten why we are at war. They wanted a fight, and they got one! I for one am honored that I am an American, and am proud of my country and her people. And if you happen to pass by a police officer or firefighter this Thursday, let them know that they are appreciated for what they do everyday of their lives. Give them a hand shake or a simple 'thank you'. For our military men and women, the next time you see one, extend your gratitude to them, for the job they do, protecting our freedoms and our country. FREEDOM DOES NOT COME FREE.
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