Rhyming poetry or free verse

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September 6, 2008 9:00pm CST
I love poetry and have been writing it for a very long time. The problem is that I prefer to write poetry that has a metered, rhyming style. I was told some time back that rhyming poetry was a sure sign of being an amateur, and I've never really displayed my poems in public again. I've tried on several occasions to write free verse. I've read many over the years, and have really tried to create the same style, but I just don't have it in me. To me, it always sounds forced, and that's not what I want. What is your take on it? Do you enjoy reading or writing rhymed poetry, or do you prefer free verse?
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19 Jul 10
Personally, I prefer reading and writing in thythm and rhyme. I've read very little free verse that I enjoy as poetry, to me it is either more like a stream of consciousness or a babbling brook on overflow. Might I suggest that you get back to your own style of writing poetry and to hey with what others may think!
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19 Jul 10
That should say rhythm and rhyme..:-)
@Jerrybbb (67)
14 Sep 08
Poetry is a very personal thing and how the individul writes it is entirely up to them,there have been many great poets who write with very little structure,and yet it has worked well for them,there has been no pattern,no rhyme as such but the verse has worked,the words have been words that have gelled and made emotions heightened and that is the art of petry to be able to heighten someones emotions by putting feelings down on paper.
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15 Sep 08
You've very right, it is a personal thing. Maybe I'm just an old romantic, as I think rhyming romatic style poetry is still a beautiful form of expression. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your 2 cents worth. LOL
@gtdonna (1740)
7 Sep 08
As a poet who began writing at age 11, I started with rhymed poems because that was easier for me, but now I write free verse...I think free verse is easier to write if you ha the chance to study some poetry styles or even musical lyrics...it helps you become a better writer. With rhymed poetry, you have to get rhyming words, where as with free verses your thoughts just flow and you basically write what comes to me in poetic form. Give it a try!
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15 Sep 08
I've tried on several occasions and to me, it just sounds awful. For me, finding the right rhyming words comes natural and maybe that's all that matters. Thanks for leaving a comment.
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
There are four standard forms in Poetry. They are the Ballad, the Sonnet, the Triolet, and the Villanelle. All of them have a rhyming pattern and have been used by all poets in all ages. Rhyming doesn't indicate being juvenile or amateurish, if that would be the case, then Shakespeare was amateur? There is of course Free Verse of which Walt Whitman is famous for, maybe this is because he started it. I do enjoy both styles. A Ballad can still bring out a smile or an emotion even if it was written in the middle ages. Would Shakespeare be as famous without his plays and his Sonnets? A lot of poets played around the structures or forms and thereby attained a higher degree of writing with their words. Without that rhyme and rhythm, a lot poems would have been bland. They may have not reached us at all! Imagine if there was no rondeau, then we wouldn't have "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream." This brings me to: Whoever it was who told you that rhyming is amateurish perhaps didn't read anything beyond nursery rhymes.
@Jellen (1852)
• United States
19 Jan 09
I'm mostly old school. I've published a few free verse, but they seem wanting. Our brain wants to rhyme something out of it, our mathmatical intuition wants to count things in it, but free verse is just free verse. It can be melodic and beautiful, but I rather prefer both writing and reading the well-metered, perfectly counted rhyming poem.