do anyone believe that anyone can be happy being a single person ??

September 7, 2008 12:54pm CST
im just wondering if we single people .. can live without love .. i mean .. build a family in the future or some stuffs like that ..
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@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
I think we have a choices,and we make our own life. Well it's just a matter of time. When we want to commit our self to someone. I believe their is always a right time with everything. All of us will want to have our own family, and not being alone. Well it's just up to you will you go on being single and being alone,or having a family I guess. Where you see life,where you can be happy. Some people just didn't see yet the right person,it can come or just let go. Good morning!
@Jxbutler (35)
14 Sep 08
It depends on your personality. Right now I'm at college, friends like to go out, and have an unhealthy addiction to video games. My schedule is busy enough without trying to impress a female. If you're sitting around all day doing nothing, you're going to have to either find love or do something to take your mind off it.
• United States
8 Sep 08
I am 18 and have never had a boyfriend and am happy being single.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
7 Sep 08
I used to be a single and happy person. Really I do. A single person are not necessarily because no one want to be with them, but being single is a choice. And the choice was made not because of no reason. People believe in something and maybe they have their own reason why they chose to be single. They might be in an open relationship, they might like to be with many people in the same time, or they might have been through traumatic experience ,which, if you force them to be in relationship it won't bring them happiness. Instead, they would feel forced, and not enjoy the relationship. As I always said, that, love is everywhere, so either you in a relationship or you are a single person, you can always have the love in your life. So if you think a single person cannot be happy, I don't think that it is true...
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
7 Sep 08
Hi vountdisturbia, welcome to mylot and I hope that you have a nice and happy stay here. Yes I believe that a single person can be very happy. You will live without love only if you want it because love have many ways to be felt. You can have a pet, you can have many friends and it all is love. You can have a child too and it is the more pure love that you can have. So you can have love and be happy and stay single too. I know many people that are married and are very unhappy. Our happiness not depend of none. It depend only of us. Cheers and have a nice day.
@redchase (347)
7 Sep 08
i dont think anyone can live without love of any sorts. we all need the love of at least our parents or our friends. i think single people can be very happy without being in a relationship and it isn not often necessary to have a partner to raise a family and be just happy with your kids.