Why do you study?

@razor123 (979)
September 9, 2008 12:41am CST
As the question says friends tell us why do you study ?(For those of you who have finished why did you'll study?) 1)Is it because you'll liked studying and wanted to gain useful knowledge about everything that you'll would be taught? 2)Your parents forced you'll to go so you'll went forceably. I mean when we are a kid we never knew anything and our parents forced us. But later on once you grew up and you could make your choice. 3)Or because you saw that in oder to get a good job and earn well and excell in life you need to be educated so you'll study. 4)Any other reason not mentioned in the above 3 points. As far as I'm concerned I hate studying but beacuse in oder to get a good job and earn well and excell in life studies has become a must I have done it.
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@djmepw (77)
• India
10 Sep 08
At first till like the 10th grade I hardly studied and I only went to school to hangout with my friends. But then after my 10th grade, I had to move to another area and I couldn't get into a reputed school over there cause of my low marks. Then I began to realize the importance of learning. Now I am about to begin my college life in about 5 days. Everyone says you have to enjoy your college life, it's the best days of your life, etc etc. I hope I can enjoy my college years to the fullest without affecting my studies adversely for I really want to do well to get a good job. Wish me luck! :)
@jzjqdkd (273)
• China
10 Sep 08
In my opinion, i study in order to get the knowledge i want and it is needed in one's life.Only by the study can we understand the world,and we are required to study until we die.The world is changing so quickly ,we need the study to follow the pace of the changing world,not to get behind!And it is also a way to fill our life not to be alone!
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
9 Sep 08
It depend with what I'm studying. If the school and university it because the no.3 reason. I feel if I study I can get a better job and my life will more light in the future. But studying a private english course, I took the no.2 reason, I very hate about english subject when I'm child. So my mother must force me to take a course. Now I feel thank's to my mom because of they force me to study the english. If I don't study it, I can type any sentences in here and can't share my opinions. Keep post happy myLotting...
@seraj143 (75)
• India
9 Sep 08
Hey I think i also have the same question to be questioned to others.But I do not think the options provided viz.1,2,3 are sufficient even though they might be appropriate. I made a study on this subject so called studying and my studies proved that they are nothing but wasting of time in a rather cumbersome routine, spending in the schools,colleges,universities etc.,through a hectic process of frustration and getting nothing ultimately when you come out of the so called cocoons of the schools and colleges you will find out the world to be entirely different from what you were taught and what you had learnt at the school.The one thing that amused me in the whole process was of having and making friends and fun with them at all times. I dont understand till now what am I going to after studying.Thanks a lot
@lchiat (1070)
• Malaysia
9 Sep 08
Hi. This is the question that i always asking myself. I dont really like to study. I feel very sleepy when i see books!!! I am not interested to study at all. But this few days i found out the reason why we need to study. At first of course gain our knowledge. Secondly, if i study and get good result then i can get a nice job in the future. I think this two reasons can answer your question too. Happy myloting!!!
@riyasam (16578)
• India
9 Sep 08
ofcourse,i was a hard worker and i ended up enjoying studying but the primary reason was to please my parents.
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
9 Sep 08
I went back to school because I wanted to get a better job. I wish I could go back to classes again and further my degree...