First anniversary since my break up. I need help

@bcote212 (1113)
United States
September 9, 2008 12:07pm CST
I knew that I could count on my fellow mylotters to help me out in my time of need here. I broke up with my partner back in May, we continued to live together, and actually were basically in the relationship until August. The first of August We got into a fight and I made him leave. I made it through my birthday without seeing him which killed me, but today would have been our 6 year anniversary. I recently found out that he started dating someone else a few days ago. I feel so dead inside. He tells me that we both need to date other people, and if fate brings us back together then that would be great. Even after knowing that he is with someone else, and even after me breaking up with him I want him back so much. Any ideas of how to get him back or how to move on? Thank you guys so much
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@II2aTee (2560)
• United States
9 Sep 08
Best advice I can give you is to take a few months break from any relationships... just to kinda get yourself centered again. If he has been dating someone else, chances are he has kinda moved on in his mind. You are better than B List. So if things dont work out with his new guy, he sees you as his fallback plan? Your supposed to just wait it out and see? Thats not fair to you. Not to mention the fact that if you do take him back... could you really picture yourself trusting him again? Would things go back to the way thay were? My guess would be no. I'm really sorry this happened to you... 6 years is a long time. But now that it has happened your number one concern should be yourself! Treat yourself, take a break, and re-learn how to love yourself. Then only when you are ready, should you take another attempt at love. Good luck my friend and if you need anything.. a friend to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you. I have been down that road... and even though its long... there IS light at the end of the tunnel. All my best Tee
@geekyjock (371)
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
First of all I'm sorry for what happened to your relationship. But I think it's not yet too late, you can still win him back. First of all there should be a change. Breaking up with someone you've been living for several years is no easy way to happen. I think it was a serious matter that made you guys broke up (or not) but still there should be a change. And I think you should think it over to yourself what you've done wrong and what is needed to change on your part. Because now, clearly, you are more affected between you two and you can't leave yourself that way for so long especially while being hurt while you see your man with someone else. I think if you realized your mistakes and faults and is willing to adjust or change then you will have the courage to approach him, apologize and try to compromise with him and tell him your realizations and your game plan to reconstruct your broken relationship. But importantly, you must also cite what you feel is wrong with your partner that you also think he could change (in a nice way). And show respect and love to him that way he will feel you are serious. I hope it works out for you TC
@scammerwear (1433)
• Singapore
9 Sep 08
It sounds like a good time to share the burden with a few good friends. Hanging out, doing silly things, breathe, if only for a few minutes. Be productive and keep yourself busy, it helps to keep your mind off things. A vacation might help too.