Why is it so hard to let a kid go to the bathroom?

@joski15 (108)
United States
September 9, 2008 3:26pm CST
In school today i ask a teacher if i could use the bathroom he said no and told me to sit down this really got me mad considering its hard to work when you have to go to the bathroom bad.Ive seen this happen meany times and its getting me mad. What do you think about it?
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@irishidid (8725)
• United States
9 Sep 08
I always told my kids that mother nature is not negotiable. If you have to go to the bathroom ask and if the teacher says no wait a minute and ask again. If the teacher still says no you get up and go to the bathroom. Of course they tried to give her detentions, etc but I stood behind her and she did not serve any. You shouldn't be punished for being human.
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
9 Sep 08
Since by your age I will guess you are in high school and I assume that means you have a short time period between classes so you should have time to go to the bathroom then not in the middle of the class. However, if it were an emergency the teacher should have let you go. Maybe the teacher thinks his students go to the bathroom to much and they really don't need to go they just want to get out of class.