why is this site called mylot if we got money and not lot?

September 12, 2008 1:23am CST
maybe the possible explanation and answer to my question is that we occupy a space in their server as we register in this website thus making a space for our private information. that's why this website is called mylot... what do you think is the reason why this website is called mylot...?
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12 Sep 08
I've always assumed it was meant to be "my lot" in the colloquial sense, to mean "my circle of friends and associates". It's fairly common usage where I come from, anyway.
• China
12 Sep 08
I have the same question with you,but I think the better you do the more you earn,you should have some contributions,then you will gain.
@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
12 Sep 08
I agree with what a person above me said. Explicit from dictionary: LOT 6 a: a number of associated persons : set "fell in with a rough lot" b: kind, sort I think it's quite catchy name for a site and it keeps a point, that is to find people simmilar to you, that share the same interests etc. It's not about getting money but about discussing things you want to with others. myLot is a forum, right? A forum with some elements of a community portal like intersts secion or friend lists;)