would you confront your ex's gf if she still communicates with him?

September 12, 2008 4:27am CST
a lot of us are on relationships and sometimes, you cant help it if your bf's ex still communicates with him. how do u react when this happens to you? personally, this has happened to me and what i did was pretend to be my bf's older sister. i called the girl on the phone and talk to her. she was telling me all sorts of things like she would break up with her bf to be with my bf again!!! the nerve!!! so i was talking to the girl, and i told her that i'm THE GF! and she was shocked.. i told her we should see each other and go to my bf's house so that he won't do the same to her (just in case she breaks up with her current bf and get back together with my bf). so, we met and we went to my bf's place, and he was so shocked!!! so i left them to talk!
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• China
12 Sep 08
if you really love your boyfriend, i think you should take every chance, don't let that girl have little opportunity to break you and your boyfriend. i think now the situation is all decided by your friends, maybe you can give him some time to find out who is his lover. sometimes love like a war. only god know the last answer, but that girl is too too.....
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
well yeah , i left them to talk it over with, my bf wanted to get back with me, but i gave him a hard time then. but we are still together now, after 10 yrs...
@cecelgay (563)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
Hmm... well there are some ex's who still assume that their ex isn't over with them also, they try to communicate they try to bring back the old times but it will depend on the man, if he tolerate the doings of his ex then he has on his mind.. I hate to generalize men to be cheaters but almost of them cheats, when they see some opportunity they grab it especially when the other party is willing to be an extra. If i am in that situation at first i'll be mad to both of them, that woman will not keep on communicating with him if his not giving any motives or showing chances that they may bring back the old times, I'll confront him and also the woman what they really have or what is their real score, after that i'll decide but trust is no longer 100%, it will take time for me to bring back my trust again..