How many days before your exams do you start studying seriously?

September 12, 2008 4:27am CST
Not many of us study right from the beginning. Only when the exams are around the corner we start to get serious about studies and search for the books. Then we always start repenting the day before the exam that we should have started a bit early. How many of you have done this?
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@lemayan (188)
• Germany
12 Sep 08
when i was in college we had too many subjects to cover and sooo ... little time. i mean you want to be hanging out with your girlfriends, finding out who is dating who and who's boyfriend is richer and which girl is fairing better than rest of you mortals, things like that, so books where rarely in our minds until the exams were around the corner or when we were about to have CATS (continious assesment tests) then ofcourse our brains came back to earth and remembered something called notes, most of the time i would start reading two months before the exams and would read till late at night all the time repenting and promising myself never to read the last minute but well.... that never happened because immediately the exams were over so was the thought
12 Sep 08
I found that exams were fairly easy to learn for because I have a photographic memory. I can still quote texts that I used in exams over 10 years ago lol! my sister is the opposite and she really used to start seriously revising about 2 months before the exam at least
• India
16 Sep 08
Wow! That's great. U're lucky to have a good memory. I need to keep revising to remember something and even that doesn't last long.
• India
13 Sep 08
Great question!!I start studying about 1 month before the exams.
@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
12 Sep 08
I've been out of school for a few years now (hallelujah!) but when I was in school, I was a last minute studier. If I really felt nervous, I might have done 5 minutes a day right when I found out about a test or something, but that usually didn't last. And, then it was the night before and I was cramming. Also studying in class right up to the point the teachers said to put the books away because it was time to take the test.
@rainmark (4306)
12 Sep 08
Back on my college days. I started studying and preparing a week before the examinations. I don't like to be stress and always in rush reading and scanning my books on the day of the exams or the day before.So after a week i feel relax and confident. I just review what i have studied 2am to be ready for the day of examinations.Try to study 2am 0r 3am in the morning while your mind is fresh,im sure you'll not forget what you have studied and get more correct answers during exams.
• China
12 Sep 08
to embrace Buddha's feet in one hour of need, i always do that, but sometimes it doesn't work, and i can't pass my exam. my longest time for preparing is about 2 month, but i didn't really study hard at that 2 month, so it can only called 1 month, next month i will take an exam, i haven't been started, i hate myself like that, but lazy is my deadly fault.
• Singapore
12 Sep 08
Wow, come to think of it, I haven't been studying seriously actually. Yeah, I'm like that, the day before exams, I just suddenly feel that I should have started earlier. I'm like 2 weeks before exams before I start studying real seriously.