Inside, outside.....or both.

September 12, 2008 10:24am CST
Me again. This time just wondering how many people keep their cats indoors 24/7, or outdoors 24/7, and how many allow them to roam freely between the two. I have three cats - one which is a totally indoors cat and is terrified of the outdoors, and the other two of which will spend their day outdoors and come indoors at dinner time (and spend the rest of the night indoors until morning). They will however also come in during the day if there is rain about.
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@sandra966 (269)
• Spain
14 Sep 08
We used to have two cats - now sadly only one. When we first got them, they were indoor cats, but when we moved to a house, we let them loose! The one remaining cat has the run of the place. She obviously comes in for food and whenever she feels like a cuddle. But generally she's outside. She loves to sleep on the car, in the flowerbeds or under trees. I like the fact that she can move as she pleases. We leave a window open for her so she comes and goes, but like I said above, we used to have two cats - and we don't know what happened to the other one - whether she ran away or had an accident, we don't know for sure, but if she had stayed an indoor cat, she would be here with us now.
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
13 Sep 08
Well, i myself have an apartment in the capital city of my country and i keep my personal kitty indoors all the time to protect him, but my girlfriend's parents let their 4 kitties roam freely outside and inside the house as they live in a house with a yard and all in a small city.
@rebekkahm (149)
• Canada
13 Sep 08
My cats are indoor/semi-outdoor. They sleep, eat and play inside, but are allowed out during the evenings (4:30pm (when I get home from work) till dark) and on weekends when we are home. I don't like leaving them out when I'm not home just in case something bad happens and they need my help right away.
• Australia
12 Sep 08
I have one female cat. She is inside for around 80% of the year. Nearly all of Winter except to go toilet or drink rain water from puddles... She likes to lay in the sun in areas around the garden and seems to find the most uncomfortable looking places to fall asleep! lol She is always inside at night (we have foxes around here) and is pretty much free to come and go as she pleases. She never wanders away from the house and is quite happy indoors. She only goes to the door to go out when she wants to go to the toilet, then she may stay out there, or come back in. Either way, she always gets what she wants! lol
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
12 Sep 08
Despite being employed as his personal Doorman for the few Years He's been with me since turning up on the doorstep as a stray Kitten,I've yet to install a cat flap for my's going to be either that or get a revolving front door! He'll come indoors to sleep and eat,(Or bring me in something He's caught!)but regardless of the weather outside,be it rain,wind or snow,night or day,He's game to go out in it! On the long Summer nights,He'd have stayed out all night a couple of times,but mostly He'll come back in and sleep on top of the bed..