Steno notebook?

United States
September 12, 2008 11:13am CST
Is anyone familiar with a type of notepad/notebook called a STENO notebook? I had never see these before until I took a job scouting cotton fields after I got out of high school. We used them because the were smaller and easier to handle than regular size notebook, yet they had a more room on the pages than the little pocket notepads. I have continued buying them over the years because they are convenient to keep in the truck to write stuff on. They are spiral-bound and have covers just like regular notebooks, so the pages don't blow all over the place if you do a lot of driving with the windows down as I do. I usually buy them in packs of threes at Wal-mart. There is one thing about them that I have never figured out, though, and I was hoping that someone here should shed some light on this for me. The pages in these notebooks have lines on them just like regular notebook paper, but they also have a line right down the middle of the page, dividing the page into two columns. The pages in the one I have here are 6x9 inches. The cover says "GREGG RULE" on it too. I assume this has something to do with the line going down the middle of the page? The lines on the page are spaced about like "wide ruled" notebook paper, so does the "GREGG RULE" indicate that the pages are divided into the two columns? I have always wondered why those pages where divided like that. Is it for some specific job function for a certain career field, or just for general convenience? I can't seem to find any reason for it. I even googled it. Does anyone know? It isn't really important I guess. It is just something I have wondered over the years as I have used this pads...does anyone know?