Do u miss someone who cares badly on festivals?

September 12, 2008 6:04pm CST
There is a popular poem in town. "All alone in a foreign land, I am twice as homesick on this day. When brothers carry dogwood up the mountain. Each of them a branch-and my branch missing." Also " You have left me behind, my old friend, at the yellow grane terrace (a building); On your way to visit Yangzhong ( a far far away city) in the misty month of flowers. Your sale, a single shadow, become one with the blue sky.Till now, I only see the river, on its way to heaven." Tomorrow, it is a big festival in my hometown. Friends, families, relations will get back together.Me, on the other hand, I am far far away... I miss my hometown. I miss my old friends. I miss days on my past. Do u miss someone badly on festivals like thanksgivingday, Christmas, etc?
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@bellis716 (4806)
• United States
13 Sep 08
Yes, I do miss our children more during the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's Day January 1). They are both good to call on the phone, so that helps.
• China
13 Sep 08
Your children are great! I admire their filial piety