What God's Name???

@kalianju (138)
September 13, 2008 5:18am CST
God's name is simply "GOD" to many people Some many argue that it does not really matter whether you address almighty God by a personal name or not, and they content to speak of and address God as "Father" or Simply "God" Some will point out that "Father" and "God" are titels rather than name and are neither personal nor distinctive. It is similar to how a child might call his mother "mom" even though that is not her name....
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@golechha (178)
• India
29 Sep 08
god - the almighty
god have many avatar... he is named in all different names in different religion in different ways....... but there is only one god....!!
• India
13 Sep 08
Yes, there are many names of the almighty. He can be called by various names and he is prayed across the world in various forms. Some call him as Father, some as saviour and so on. Conceptions of god can vary widely, but the word God in english or its counterparts in various languages are normally used for all or many of them. Other languages have generic names or terms.However some names refer almost exclusively to the supreme being of a single religion, while others are shared among many traditions.