What festivals do they have in your town

@bdugas (3581)
United States
September 13, 2008 6:44am CST
Here this weekend is the Old Fashioned Days Festival, although I fear it will get rainned out. In October we have the potato festival and then the Saurkraut festival after that. What festivals do you have in your town, or surrounding areas. Do you go to these festivals? Or do they not interest you. Do you have a parade or just the festival.
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@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
28 Sep 08
In my hometown, spring festival is the most important one, which is like Christmas day in your town. Also, mid-autuman follows, when people of a family will come back together from different places so as to celebrate it. People will eat mooncake on that special day. It is second only to spring festival. Besides, dragon boat festival is another very important day. I is said that in 278 B.C., a patriotic poet named Qu Yuan jumped into the river committing sucide for his lost country. In order to protect his body, people made rice dumplings and threw them to the river to feed the fishes. From then on, making rice dumplings became a custom and a festival. Additionally, foreign festivals tend to become more popular especially for the young people. For example, We celebrate halloween in my university.
@writersedge (22579)
• United States
27 Sep 08
Labor DAy weekend, we sort of have a festival. We have a parade, games, food, barbecued chicken, baked potatoes, cole slaw, cookies. Usually a band, tractor pull, and atv pull. That's the first weekend in September. Each town also has a harvest dinner. Often with a craft sale or with jams/jellies or with a rummage sale donations or an auction. Usually sponsored by a church. Did it get rained out? Some town had a turnip festival for the first time. Another town has a garlic one, sponsored by the Farmer's market. I just don't think turnip or garlic ice cream would be as good as orange pineapple or buttered pecan. Can't see how those flavors would catch on. Can you?
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
14 Sep 08
Montreal is the city of festivals there are so many I couldn't possibly think of them all, international food festival international jass festival just for laugh festival cannes film festival festival of just about every country in the world
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
13 Sep 08
down here we have blue's fest,fisher men day,Carnival (festival/parade/party, carnival has everything in it),nine morning,dance and the school drama festival.
@ronaldinu (12445)
• Malta
13 Sep 08
In a nearby town they are doing a bread festival. Explaining how maltese bread is baked. Here is a link to the story. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20080913/local/qormi-trumpets-its-bread-making-tradition