the most daring and impulsive thing that you have done in your life, so far.....

September 13, 2008 5:28pm CST
When I think about things I do, there are no things that I have done that stand out so far..... I mean, there is nothing that you could say daring or impulsive... I am a kind of person who needs to plan things ahead so that I could do things.... There are times that I do things out of the blue but it is nothing drastic.... how about you? What kind of daring/impulsive things have you done so far? I mean, something that is really a shocker to everyone around you?
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@edujccz (929)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
i was in the coastguard that time for my on the job training, the ship that i joined with was assigned to ferry families of rich people to a beautiful and virgin island west of the mainland. the voyage took four hours before the ship reached the island, during the four hours i got asleep and when i awaken, the ship was already at anchor and all the families are already ferried to the shore. I peek at the island shore and i can see them having a good swim, but seems very far at close to 2 miles. I asked one cadet if he wanted to join me swim to shore and he said yes. immediately, i put on my trunks and jumped overboard, upon reaching water i asked hi to jump too but he became afraid and not wanting to jump. the ship was high and i have no chance of climbing in, but soon as i was in the water i could not see the island anymore so i asked him where, he pointed the direction and there i proceeded swimming with all my might but seems so far but better now since i can see the land, i noticed the current is pushing me away to it. gladly isaw a fisherman with a boat and i swam towards it, cling to it and breath my exhaustion. proceeded back swimming but noticed a big shark in my path, i stop and never moved but he is not moving also, he seemed asleep, he is twenty feet long and very scary and really i prayed hard to God that he wont notice me, i swamed slowly above him and close to rubbing my skin to his, and he never mind me and i thanked God for that, maybe he to is smiling. continue my swimming to shore and finally reached sand , i was gasping my breath in exhaustion when two men grabbed my hands and put me on a small boat and they bring me back to the ship and in front of the Captain so mad at my action that my behaviour could have killed me , Only then that i realized I was wrong. But God was smiling when I was praying, later I came to read an article about this big fish shark like " Butanding" they are friendly and don't eat people. Im just a little bit lucky for being impulsive some times.
• Canada
14 Sep 08
i packed up in the middle of the middle of the night and flew to canada to meet a guy i had been talking to on the internet. turned out ok, we have been married 7 years now and have 2
@paid2write (5202)
14 Sep 08
A daring new idea can come to me in a flash. I don't act impulsively, but I will be filled with new motivation and determination to make it happen. I have made several life changing decisions in my life so far, and I don't regret any of them, even if they have not all worked out quite as I hoped. I will dare myself to take a chance on something which may be risky, because I can always change again and follow a new course if it does not turn out right for me. I suppose that makes me more adaptable than impulsive.
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
14 Sep 08
I have done a few things that shocked when I published my first family was shocked when I announced where they could buy it...I also do impulsive things on occasion. My daughter and I once jumped in the car...drove to downtown Mpls Mn. because we heard Keno Reeves what up there! lOL.......drove all oer trying to get a glimpse of him!
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
I went to another city, by boat, to look for a long lost friend. The blues just hit me and i was badly needing to talk to her. I only had her number which i wasn't sure she's still using. And i did not have her adress. The trip was also a break for me, though i was all alone. I decided to go 15 minutes before the ship left. I just left a letter to my parents telling them i will be back after two days. When i arrived, i could not contact her. SO i just roamed around the city which i am not familiar with, and managed to go back to the boat before its departure time, back to my city. It was an overnight ride. When my family found out, they told me i was crazy. I admitted to "temporary insanity." It was a good thing i didn't get lost.