Christians in India

September 15, 2008 6:31am CST
Christians in India have been facing the worst persecuting perhaps of independent India. The event that triggered that burning and cutting is the killing of one Hindu religious leader. From the beginning the police did not suspect the Christians to be behind the killing. But the fundamentalist Hindus blamed the Christians, and they started burning houses and churches. In the process thousands of Christians have been displaced as their houses have been burnt. It was later claimed by the Maoists that they killed the Hindu religious leader. But the Hindu fundamentalists instead of apologizing to the Christians went on kill and burnt more people and house and churches. I am not saying all the Hindus are like that. Most Hindus are peace loving. But the Hindu fundamentalist groups like RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are behind the attack. What do you think should be done to prevent such attacks in the future.
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@Kilrone (63)
• India
11 Oct 08
The fanatical organisations should be brought to justice and a inquiry conducted at the highest level. Everyone that is found to be guilty should be given examplary punishment.It is people like these that are tearing away the very fabric of secular India. In this case, it is an oppurtunity for the government to act decisively and prove to the world that India is indeed secular. There is a huge hype over 'forced conversions' but has anyone uttered a single word against "forced re-conversions"? Your belief system is your decision alone. If you decide to follow a particular belief system and decide mid-way that it is not what you were looking for, no one has the right to say anything. Incidentally, it would be interesting to know how many of the murderous mob were from the lower caste. If your lot in life has been pre-determined without you having any say in it,how long can one suffer on in silence. If one day, you should decide that belief system that has already pre-ordained you to be always looked down upon for no fault of your own even before your birth is not rational nor fair and thus leave it, who is anyone to say 'nay'? If the organizations like the VHP,RSS and Bajrang Dal are so concerned for the welfare of the lower caste, why hasn't their standard of life improved? Surely, organisations as big as these can do something to better the lives of the very people they are persecuting instead of killing them off because they refuse to always live under the heels of people whose sole claim to superiority is that they were born into a family of higher caste.
• India
12 Oct 08
Well said. I guess those thugs should be banned. They must have taken money from ISI of karachi to destroy India.
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@bekosfc (235)
• India
18 Jan 09
I think it is important to understand that Hindutva fundmenalists will harass any minority group. So citizens of India should not give them support.
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• India
24 Jan 09
Words of wisdom, my friend. I think it's not only harassing them, but they will, if given power, try to forcibly convert all to their religion and if people won't accept that they will try to kill them.