My son on cross like jesus

Jesus on cross - I wondered, "What if the Romans hadn't believed in capital punishment and jesus had not been executed? What if his visit to earth had ended in old age, dieing of natural causes? Or what if he had been unceremoniously killed by a street thief? That would still be the death of the "son of god", so would the world still be 'saved'?"
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United Arab Emirates
November 6, 2006 2:54am CST
After all, if I said that I used to have a son, but I wanted to forgive my neighbor for something so I let him nail my son to a cross, you'd think I was nuts. But thats the concept that christianity is based on. That god forgave us by sending his son for us to nail to a cross. How ridiculous. Do you still agree with this concept of christianity?
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• United States
6 Nov 06
Nope, that's why I joined the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
@karwan (232)
• United Arab Emirates
6 Nov 06
Thanks for your post and knowledge.