Why Cant We Send Prisoners To Iraq?

United States
September 16, 2008 4:12pm CST
Why couldn't we train and send prisoners to Iraq to fight some of the war? What's your opinion on this?
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• United States
16 Sep 08
Some time ago, I discussed this with a friend who is an assistant warden. He had so many reasons!They can't be trusted to do as they're told.They can't be trusted with weapons. They could easily be bought off by the enemy. They would not be appropriate representatives of our country. More than anything, they have been sentenced to serve a certain sentence, and until that's completed, they can't be let out of prison facilities without jeopardizing the entire justice system. If a sentence is something like life or war, most would take war, and many of them would take off as soon as they left the prison. What other deals would that lead to? I don't agree with all of that, and there were many more reasons in the conversation, but I wouldn't think it appropriate to put convicted criminals ouo the world to represent the US.
• United States
17 Sep 08
Maybe not a good idea. But it seems that there would be a certain prison population, such as some non-violent criminals, that this could be benficial to the prisoners and the prison system. Obviously you couldn't turn a serial killer out but maybe some housed in minimum security facilities could allow some of our troops to come home for a while.
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