A. Martinez Only On OLTL For A Few Weeks!

September 17, 2008 12:17am CST
According to several soap websites, A. Martinez was never expected to be on OLTL long-term. . . What? Is it just me? Did anyone else assume that OLTL was going to take advantage of the opportunity of having a soap veteran on the show? I thought A. was going to become a true cast member!
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30 Nov 08
I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of A. As you can tell by the way the storyline is going it seems Vanessa isn't as "innocent" as she seems. At first I thought his character was a murderer but not I'm beginning to believe that it will be revealed that A was set up. So I'm sure he will be back on. They just gave us a taste of A, enough to keep us wondering when and if he'll be back. Is it just me or did anyone else hate the way he talked on there? It was nothing like how he sounded on Santa Barbara.
@Trace86 (5033)
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4 Oct 08
I know! They hyped him so much, or I did in my mind. He is such a brilliant actor, maybe it was his choice to only have a short-term role. He would have been a brilliant long-term addition to the show though. I think he and Dorian would have had some good sparks. They could have gotten together just to raise Langston and then actually fallen for each other. Maybe he will come back!
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17 Sep 08
I was soooo mad when I found this out! A is so good and I loved him on General Hospital. He would do so much for Langston's character and storyline too. Also, seems like they are going to bring in the wife and daughter of Ray Montez which seems bizarre to me that they would only use A for a month then have some other characters used long term instead. Baffling!