How Many "2nd Chances" You Can Give to Someone Who Hurt You?

September 17, 2008 2:43am CST
If you believe in giving second chances to people dear to you who hurt you one way of another, how often do you give him a chance to redeem himself? I know forgiveness is not all the time easy to give especially if the wound inflected is so deep and seemed incurable but later in life, we can forgive right? In a situation where a relationship is at stake, you already have forgiven a dishonest man in such relationship with the hope that he'll correct his error along the way, but he still commit the same mistake the 2nd time, would you still give him another chance in your life? Thanks.
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@rsa101 (16193)
• Quezon City, Philippines
17 Sep 08
Well I am a man but I do consider myself honest man so if my girl would be dishonest most probably I would not be giving her another chance especially when it talks about relationship. I really believe that second chances are only given to those that are minor in nature and dishonesty is something that should not be taken lightly.
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18 Sep 08
You have a very strong point there, it needs to be reconsidered--giving 2nd chances for dishonesty cases. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.
• Indonesia
17 Sep 08
Forgiveness has nothing to do with 2nd chance. If you forgive someone who hurt you does not always mean that you will give him/her a 2nd chance. Forgiveness is related to past experience, but 2nd chance is related to the future. Don't give someone 2nd chance does not always mean that you do not forgive him/her. Personally, for me, I will surely give someone a 2nd chance, but this will be the last. IF he/she repeat it again then there won't be any chances at all in the future.
18 Sep 08
Okay, just interesting because you awakened me of something; I thought before that when we forgive it goes along with giving a second chance to the person. But anyway, we have the same view on the matter of giving 2nd chance--an important relationship is worth giving another try or another chance--one last. Thanks for your time.
• India
17 Sep 08
it depends really on how much we like that person. Because space there are some people who upon seeing I just tend to give up and forgive them whatever might be the cause. And some people I cannot bear even if they mess one time with me. So, I really think it all depends upon how much we like that person. I really wish you good luck with your relationship for future.
18 Sep 08
Thanks, I wish you well, too! Have a great day all the time!
@jzjqdkd (273)
• China
21 Sep 08
for the person i love ,no matter what kind of mistake she has made , i will always forgive her,only if she loves me ,too.even some times she did hurt me so much, i will forgive her,even for one hundred times.but when i find that she no longer loves me ,but i still love her so much, i will let her go, but in my inner heart , i want her to be with me,loving a person doesn't mean that you two should be together. i love her without is enough.
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
tss.. chances??? i often give them.. but what?? they just do same thing again after i forgived them.. it hurts though, i know its just the right thing to do... i am not a strong guy or someone who could hold hatred.. so i quickly give them forgiveness and chances to make things right..