do you sometimes appreciate it when it rains?

September 18, 2008 4:46am CST
i love it when it rains whenever im at home.. i love looking at it and then have a cup of choco or coffee... do you also do this?
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@rainmark (4306)
18 Sep 08
I don't really like when it's raining in the middle of the day, specially when i am shopping coz i end up wet and it spoils my shopping habit.But when it's raining on evening i like it. I just like having hot chocolates and cakes on my side when its raining.
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 08
I ever appreciate it. When it is in hot day, rain is the best thing for me. I everyday hope rains will come. Today rain comes, I very grateful with it. Another time is when I was in home. I like to see rain from my windows and also feel cool wheater in my house. Keep post happy myLotting...
@rsa101 (16867)
• Quezon City, Philippines
18 Sep 08
When I am at the comfort of my home, rain is definitely a welcome event since it really cools everything from everywhere and the cost for electricity is brought dopwn since we do not have to use the electric fans to cool us down. But, when I am at work I rather want to have asunnty day than rainy one.
@flance101 (137)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
yeah, me too. i love the sound of the raindrops falling on the rooftop or ground. it seems to quiet and peaceful. its helps me clear my mind of stressful job problems. :)
18 Sep 08
Oh yeah. I also love the rain. being inside when its raining. or even being outside sometimes. or hearing it.. don't know why but i love the rain also. mmmm and choco lol dig that to