Is any one here recieve a call +18774273368

September 18, 2008 11:44am CST
This morning around 5am i receive a 2 miss call from someone but in the third time i answer the phone but no one answer me on the other line so i puzzled my self who is calling me and why he didn't leave a message if it is important. in order to find an answer my own question i lo on to the internet to find out also the country code of the caller. what i see on the net is a forum discussing also about this number and also what i found out that most of the person receive a call is leaving in middle east, Asia and Europe. The caller mostly called around 5am-6am that is what i read. You guys over there did you receive also this call? Im worried about this prank caller because how did he know my number, If he able to my number so may be he is a hacker. all our personal information will be exposed to public. be aware guys this number maybe he is accessing your account. hare me if there is also another victims of this kind of hacking