High Tension

@talker96 (154)
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September 18, 2008 4:22pm CST
Let me start by saying I am a registered Democrat. I believe in some, if not most, of what the Democratic party stands for. As of late though I have become more and more irritated at what I'm hearing from anything leaning Left, whether it be from the media, the candidates or representatives or any of the hundreds of blog sites that are liberal.(Huffington Post,Daily Kos ect..) My anger stems from the fact that we, not the Republicans, are tearing this country apart. We are letting the media and Barack Obamba get away with lie after lie and acting like there is not a care in the world. Meanwhile anything wrong that McCain says is pounced upon and held up for all the world to see. Take for example, what happened to Sarah Palin she had her e-mail hacked which was then displayed along with all of her families phone numbers and personal photos. When MSNBC, CNN and many other liberal based news casts found out about it they did not report like it was a crime but instead used it as a reason to look for anything against her. And then there was no anger from the people, many justified it by saying that she was a public figure and we have a right to know. But what about her kids? Did they deserve to have obscene phone calls made to them and to be harassed on the net just because her mother is a public figure. We all stood up in anger when Bush wanted to monitor our e-mails and phone calls, we all said it was an invasion of our privacy and shouldn't be done. But isn't it a double standard when we allow it to be done to a republican, not only allow it but laugh about it. The anger and pettiness that is coursing through the Democratic party is disturbing at best. We are in a mob mentality the like of which has not been seen since the Germans followed Hitler and basically looked the other way to his actions. Now, I am in no way implying that Obamba is anything like Hitler, but we are accepting his lies, we absolutely adore his flip-flopping on the issues and Germany does Love him, you saw him when he was there, they were going Beatle Mania over him, and the Germans don't like anything. The tension between the Democrats and Republicans is becoming more and more everyday. My concern is this, if Obamba wins, we Democrats will pat our selves on the back, pop some champagne open and brace ourselves for a president that will bring back the Jimmy Carter years but with socialist overtones and the Republicans, while upset, will accept it and wait for the next election. BUT if McCain wins.....the extremist liberals and left leaners in general, will cry fowl, riot in the streets and make the next four years VERY uncool, subsequently further dividing this wonderful nation of ours even more. Sad but true. One more thing, I hate George Bush as much as the next guy, but, and I hate to say this, he's not to blame for the mess we are in, Congress is, more importantly, The Democratic Congress is. And this is a Blue Blooded Democrat saying this.....I honestly believe McCain's the better choice. Sorry
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@Lee_Rites (845)
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18 Sep 08
This election has heated up. We have people who have never in their lives voted or cared about anything the politicians had to say, involved in America politics. In the past we have had white male candidates. Most of which look no different than the next guy. This election we actually have a woman and a black man. It is hard to ignore their differences. Unfortunately, some people are deciding who to vote for based on these differences. It is easy to see how this can create some tension. In the past, with racism burning like a wildfire through the country, for a man to be black he had to be of impeccable character to be heard when standing behind a podium. And although the country has come a long way (not to say that racism is not still an issue in America) it does not take a Martin Luther King to stand up and be heard. But I think some people are comparing MLK with Obama. I like some of what Obama has to say but I would not even begin to compare the two. I think a lot of people also see their mother or grandmother when looking at Palin. Women can be just as corrupt and shady as men. Yet, some of us just don't want to believe that. It is too easy to go into this election with preconceived notions. But if some people were to look into the candidates they were supporting or against, they may see their preconceived notions dissipate. We have very interesting candidates in this election. I think it is hard for many people to actually pick a candidate because some of their views are quite extreme and different than we are used to. We like some of the views but are not sure we want to support the candidate based on some of their other views. At the same time, we have many people who are ignoring the views altogether for superficial characteristics.
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20 Sep 08
And this is a Blue Blooded Democrat saying this.....I honestly believe McCain's the better choice. Sorry.....don't be sorry here is another registered blue blooded Democrat agreeing with every word you said. Well almost every word. I am implying he very like Hitler was is his heyday. Charismatic and telling the people what they wanted to hear so he would become "Der Fuehrer" then it was no longer what they wanted to hear but what he wanted to do. I was married to a German and lived in Germany for many years. I still keep in touch with old German friends and family and they (especially the older ones, see the similarities between Obama and Hilter). Now that IMO is downright scary.
@starr4all (2865)
19 Sep 08
YES! YES! YES! Finally, someone I agree with! I'm so tired of this. And this pains me to no end because I'm a registered Democrat who has voted democrat since I could vote. Plus, I don't get the Obama love. He's a politician plain and simple. It's like some sort of cult the way people follow him. It will be sad if he wins and his followers will find out he's like every other politician when he doesn't follow through with his promises.
@irishidid (8727)
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19 Sep 08
I could have almost said the same as you have here. I am constantly shaking my head over what is going on in the democratic party and seeing every principle that made me be a democrat warped.