Christmas shopping.......already!!!

September 19, 2008 4:27am CST
While at work the other day I noticed that the stock was out on display for christmas....already!!! This then got me thinking about things that i had already bought....throughout the year if i spot a bargain I usually get it put it in the attic...forget iv bought it then go on to buy the person another present so the bargain i thought id got had actually cost me more as id bought two presents!!! Do any of you actually stick to the budget you set for presents for people or do i Usually do let it go out of the window!!!!?? This year I have organised myself....made a list of what iv bought what i need to still buy and have put it in my purse so when im tempted by the offers out there i just check if its on the list...if not then i wont buy it....well thats the plan anyway!! I need to stick to my budget this year as I want a good holiday in August so would like to save as much as I can!!!!!!!!!!! hugs, Jessica xxx
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19 Sep 08
Hi jessicaboardman, Wow! what a briliant idea, but saddly I'm useless at budgeting, I have sved some money up but when I go Christmas shopping I ateend to go last minute and I shouldn't do that, most time I am broke but this year I ave actually saved £100 just for Christmas presesnts buying. Tamara XXX
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19 Sep 08
i try to save but it never happens something always comes up....if i just buy things 1 or 2 at a time at least the money goes on what it should!!! hugs Jessica
@littleowl (7157)
29 Sep 08
Hi jessica you are good..I have done nothing for christmas but will have to start getting myself organised and do some shopping before while its still not expenxive...I always do my best to stick to my budget but sometimes go a little over it..and at the moment they already have things on the shelves for christmas..I do agree with you it too commercialised and even though the present is small it is the thought that counts or that should be the way...your friend littleowl
@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
21 Sep 08
It's horrible to think of Christmas decorations being in the shops already - but for the first EVER time, I've started my Christmas shopping! We were lucky enough to find out what our grown-up children wanted this year, so my husband and I went shopping on the weekend and managed to get what we wanted. If I pick up a few little things here and there during the next couple of months, hopefully I won't have the usual panic and rush for the two weeks before Christmas. It's a very stressful time - so it's best to buy things when you see things if you are organised enough. I've never managed to do it before, so I'm pretty happy!