should parents be punished for their childs bad behaviour??

September 20, 2008 5:09am CST
Is it right that if your teenager/child behaves badly in school or out in the community that it is the parents that should be punished? A lot of children that go "off the rails" actually do come from good homes with good standards etc...Why they go out and do these things is part of them - not the parents allowing them. Here's a scenario - IO drop my kids off at school every day and pick them back up. Supposing I dropped my child off at school and he decided to truant for the day and did this regularly but was there for me to pick him up - who's fault is it????? Yet, the government state that for truants, it will be the parents that have to pay and are punished - how come? When you drop your kids off, you are handing over the responsibility to the school. You have done your bit and it is the school who are now supposed to care for your child until home time. So why then, if the child goes missing from school, is it the parents' faults? Children, especially teenagers lie to their parents. They can tell them that they are spending their time over at a friends house or that they are going to the pictures etc., when in fact they are maybe out causing trouble....How on earth are the parents supposed to know. Is it getting to the point where basically you cannot let your children out of your sight... Any views?
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@kezabelle (2985)
21 Sep 08
I do think it depends I mean if you do your best to make them go to school you are taking them everyday watching them walk into school, then no they shouldnt be punished the child should, and maybe the schools need stricter rules on when and how easy it is for children to just walk out of school.