If you have one super human powers, what would it be?

September 21, 2008 1:21pm CST
If you have super human powers, I mean any kind of powers what would it be? And what will you do with this power? This fun....I think for myself I want to have the power to "Teleport" with just a snap of my finger. With that power I could travel all over the world without paying and without visas yahoooo!!!!! BUt I'm not that selfish, I would like to help the hungry start a food donation and teleport it to Africa and some places in Philippines! Sounds good!
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@rosedust82 (2074)
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
Hmmm... I'd love to have the power of Hiro in Heroes. I'd love to (in his words) bend space and time. Lol. That would be nice. Sort of change the past in order to save people. Plus with that kind of power, you can actually make history. Of course, you have to think of the consequences that may happen if you do change something... Sort of a dilemma huh?
@1hopefulman (32412)
• Canada
22 Sep 08
Teleportation, beats taking the bus any day. LOL I think I would like to be able to read minds. That would make life a lot easier as I would know exactly what people want. As at times, it's hard to know what people want. Then I wouldn't have to ask, "so what's on your mind." LOL
@MinruWind (194)
• United States
21 Sep 08
I would want to freeze time with a thought in my head. That would be fun ~ : ) It would look like I was teleporting, and people would be scared of me because I was a "super human". ; O