Do anti-depressents really work?

September 21, 2008 3:43pm CST
When I was younger the doctor prescribed these to me to help with the stress and emotional overload of trying to revise for my A Levels. But after sticking with them for a couple of months I didn't feel any different still unhappy with life and a little down. Thankfully I pulled myself out of that phase of my life through exercise. But just recently my mum who has suspected M.E. although many doctors don't like to make an asumption that's what it is decided to put her on a course of anti-depressents. Did they work? No! Infact my mums whole personality changed and at one point she threatened me...feared for my life. So just wondered what's your experience and take on the whole thing?
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@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
21 Oct 08
The way I see it if you have a scar on your arm, antidepressants just put a plaster over that scar and all the time you are taking antidepressants the plaster stays, come off the antidepressants the plaster comes off and guess what the scar is still there! You have to eliminate the problem that is causing you to be depressed, antidepressants just delays the inevitable. The GPs were always trying to ram them down my throat, maybe because they get a backhander for shifting them, it was their answer to everything, the antidepressants actually made me feel worst, the side affects were appalling and I felt worst being on them. Counseling and therapy is the answer to help you come to terms with your problems in life and antidepressants, personally do not work, but everyone is different they do work for some people but not for me.
21 Oct 08
Thanks for your response. You have a very interesting way of looking at it never thought about it like that before.