@caver1 (1765)
United States
September 22, 2008 10:49am CST
When posting a discussion or response do you check your spelling? I was just responding to a discussion and typed a word and thought it didn't look right. I tried spelling it a different way and that didn't seem right either. So I looked it up. I was right the first time! Do you have to check you spelling? or are you a good speller?
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• India
22 Sep 08
I use the browser Firefox Mozelle and when ever there is spelling mistake it alert me and I correct it. No problem for me to write correct English the mistake occur when I type fast only. If you can download the above browser your problem of the spellings while writing at my lot will automatically be solved.
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• China
22 Sep 08
thank you so much
• Japan
22 Sep 08
Many times mistake happens. I do not check the spelling. I hope myLot friends can understand the spelling mistake and forgive. But as you told many times it won't look right. We must be more careful while typing. I used to type fast and won't look at the keyboard. Infact I am not so fast as a professional. I have learned typing by doing only, not by joining for any classes. So, there may be mistakes many times. I am not a good speller either as I am not a native English speaker or good in English and grammar. Many times I got entangled with the spelling of English words and have to check online for correct spelling. Thanks for asking and happy mylotting!