sharing passwords......

@seeths (413)
September 23, 2008 9:30am CST
This is something very common I have seen once we are married we have one mail id where the husband and wife can access and they have all there mails coming up in that mail.Otherwise they share there passwords with eachother so that they can read the mails from both the sides.If I ask them they say why should we hide our mails from our hubby when we share everything? Do u share your passwords with your loved ones and do u like them reading your mails? Regards
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
27 Sep 08
My husband and I have 2 e-mail ids each and neither of us knows the other one's passwords...not because we don't trust each other...we just didn't bother to ask about the other's password. In fact, if we get some interesting mail from our friends, we forward it to each other...even when we are accessing the net from the same computer.
@Anchopy (1453)
• Paraguay
23 Sep 08
I will never share my passwords to my gf.. I have too many things to hide.. I store emails from past my my inbox and I know that she will delete them and I don't want that.. so, that's why I will never let her have my password
@anne12d (676)
• Philippines
23 Sep 08
Well, my boyfriend and I knows each other's password from emails, YM, friendster. We both have the same password from one of those mentioned. It's okay for both of us to read and explore each other's sites. Well, for us not being paranoid from thinking that maybe one of us are hiding something. LOL!!!
@Anne18 (11036)
23 Sep 08
My husband and i share the same e mail address, it has both our names in it. I have my own box for e amils so when they come in, hubby just puts them in my box to read. I get a lot more e amils than hubby. He doesn't read any of them
• Philippines
23 Sep 08
yes, i share all my passwords with my partner and it's good that you both can have an access... nothing to hide...