Do you have a comfort movie/book?

@JannaLee (660)
September 24, 2008 9:09am CST
Do you have a book or DVD that eases your pain, or calms your spirits every time you read or watch it? Similar to Will Smith's Shrek film in "I am Legend". Do you have one?
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• Indonesia
29 Sep 08
watching 'the simpsons', i always feel ease and relieved. watching the movie, i will immediately feel at home (though i always at home LOL) i like all the simpsons' member, especially homer simpson. yes, he is a little bit stupid, and i don't think i will like to have a father like him, but i feel like know him for long time. the other movie comforting me is the godfather part one. the theme song is very nice. it's directed very well and brando's performance is incomparable. watching the up and down in their family, the problem the had to face with other mafioso, i feel that my own problem is less difficult and much more manageable. and the third movie is entrapment. connery and zeta-jones is a perfect couple. and the last scene in the train station is the best part of the movie. the love story implied in the movie make life sounds more promising.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
29 Sep 08
A comfort movie for me would have to be a comedy, to make me laugh and forget about my sorrows, or blues, Shrek is brilliant I agree. I prefer to watch Golden Girls that is so funny and has me laughing no matter how many times I see each episode and there is a UK comedy called One Foot In The Grave and that too makes me laugh. I don't really have a comfort book, but sometimes when I want to escape reality I will jump into fantasy like Harry Potter for example.
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
27 Sep 08
Watching The Sound of Music eases most things that ail me. I just love that movie, the history, the scenery, the music and the upliftingness of it. When I just need to laugh I pull out When Harry Met Sally. Love it.
• India
24 Sep 08
use this trick go outside look at the sky probably at cloudy area try to focus at birds for4-5 minutes u will be relaxed