Baking Soda Works as face and body Scrub

September 24, 2008 9:46am CST
Dry baking soda will fall off ur skin. If u use it as scrub you need to either wet the baking soda or mix it with liquid soap. The easiest way to use it as a scrub Please try this tell me the result Thank you
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@owlwings (39605)
• Cambridge, England
24 Sep 08
This sounds to me to be a very drastic solution! Baking soda is an alkali (a fairly strong one, too). Since healthy skin is very slightly acid (pH 5), I would imagine that an alkali solution applied to it would upset the natural balance somewhat. I'd recommend something neutral for light defoliation - ground almond shells or apricot shells are often used but you could use fine sand or even scouring powders, which, I believe, contain pumice. I'd wash scouring powder first, however, because it contains other things like bleach besides. Other things you might try are oatmeal (pinmeal if you can get it but rolled oats would do) or wholemeal flour. Oatmeal contains oils which are positively good for the skin.