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September 24, 2008 3:28pm CST
Any suggestions for getting knots out of my cat's fur? She's been having an all around lack of interest in grooming herself since my son was born, and now she's getting knots all over her. I would like to brush them out, or something of that nature without taking her to the vet first. Any suggestions for an industrial brush that works?
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24 Sep 08
A comb would be better than a brush. A steel comb with very small spaces between the teeth is what I use with my cat. It's actually a flea comb, but it works better for comb outs than anything else I've ever tried. Depending how sensitive your cat is to having her fur pulled, you can try just combing through the knotted areas as gently as possible, or, more likely, she's not going to like that. Grab a knotted area at the base so that you can keep it from pulling as you comb. Then just pick at the top of the knot little by little until you get down to the unknotted area. If your cat is anything like mine, she'll get sick of the whole thing, and you'll have to do it in short sessions whenever she's willing to let you at it again. Good luck.
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24 Sep 08
Thank you so much for your help! I never thought of using a comb - I only have a brush. I will stop on my way home to get one and try - little by little - on her tonight. Thanks again!
25 Sep 08
You can get wire brushes from pet shops for grooming. I can say that my cats love it, but try not to be too force full could hurt your cat it the knot is too tight. If that happens, I would cut it out with some small scissors, like nail scissors, then keep up a regular brushing so it won't get to the same state. I also find tha most of the cat hairs that come off stay in the brush, and when you're done you can just pull them our and but them in the rubbish.
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24 Sep 08
What you can do really depends on your cat, and how bad the knots are. If she's so matted that she's more knots then fur, take her to a groomer's and get her shaved. And make sure she stays in until her fur starts to grow back. IF she's not that badly matted, you can get a cat brush, or a human comb, and try to comb them out. If they are too badly knotted that you can't brush them out, carefully cut them out. If she gets aggested, offer a ton of treats. And you may need to do it slowly, as she may not like being brushed if you've never done it before. If it's not bad, just do a few knots at a time, as much as she'll let you. If she tells you she's had enough, let her go, and pick it up latter.