@golechha (178)
September 25, 2008 11:09am CST
i believe in it... as i have seen it. one of my friend and her family still suffers from it.... and i think its done by her family member.. who is really jealous of them. i believe in it.. wat abt u
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• Mexico
28 Sep 08
black magic its bad =( it hurts ppl
@4magoo (396)
27 Sep 08
If you believe in religion, then you believe in spirituality. If you believe in spirits then you believe in the unknown ... other world. If you believe in good spirits ... guess what? Then one has to believe in bad spirits. I believe there is heaven and hell. If believe there is evil in the world. I was in Panama when the USA invaded and took out Noreiga. He had witches houses and he certainly believed in it.
• Australia
26 Sep 08
Well there's definitly some ancient spells existing and some supernature stuff going on and black magic, well, it's more like a curse, which do exist.
• India
25 Sep 08
i do beleive in it
@dolcias (302)
• Egypt
25 Sep 08
i so do and i have seen it!
@divinchris (2449)
• India
25 Sep 08
Hi friend! I dont believe in Black Magic as I have never witnessed one so far.Unless I see with my eyes I wont believe in those.Thank you.Happy mylotting