Do you have to use a badge or key card to get in to your office?

@stylioJ (403)
United States
September 26, 2008 4:10pm CST
At my office, we have to use a security badge to get in. The problem is that we are not allowed to get visitor passes any more. All day, people have to run around to the front of the building to let in all the visitors (we have no front desk person, either). Do you have some kind of secure entry at your work?
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• India
31 Aug 11
In my office key card is used for security reason. But for outsiders we use CCTV. CCTV kept video footage of every action.
@lellyp (245)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 09
Yes, in here we use security badge too. We have some problem like you, my office in 3rd floor. When receptionist not on desk the visitor can't come the office, i ever have problem with this security badge. One day at night am forget bring security badge when am going to toilet and then am i have going in to office, am really afraid how i can come in? and then am remember back on building toilet guys is my office room so am going that toilet and than... am start to knock that wall until someone give response back knock the wall and than going to open the door for me. Am lucky on my room office still 1 or 3 people working on there so someone can open the door for me.
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
26 Sep 08
The last company I worked for had security badges for the employees. There were no visitor passes as well. Whenever UPS, FED EX, supplies or the mailman came, someone would have to open the door for them. Sometimes, if I forgot mine, I would have to knock on the door to get in every time I went to the rest room or out for lunch. the company used to have a keypad on the door with a secret number, every time someone got fired they would change the number and you would have to remember the new pass code.