how long have you known your best friend?

United States
September 26, 2008 5:27pm CST
I dont really have a best friend cause the 2 i had have backstabbed me badly in the last 6 months so i have decided to have friends, but none that i put trust in that greatly. Now i would have to say my best friend is my mom...thats as close as it gets..
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• United States
27 Sep 08
I had and still have a best friend who i ended up marrying. We known each other for 9 years and of them 9 years been married for 3 years. I love him so much and i can tell him anything.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
26 Sep 08
my one best friend, we been best friends since the 5th grade so that's is like over 30 yrs and my other one we been best friends for about 11 yrs now.
@ailema4ever (2675)
• Finland
26 Sep 08
Sorry to hear about your backstabbing friends. :-(((( Hope you find more trustworthy friends in the future! I have 6 best friends, including my hubby. They've known me for about 9-17 years.
@belk89 (1103)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
I have known my best friend since i was 19 and now that we are both married we are still the best of friends. So far everything is fine we never had big fights. We have lots of things in common and we understand each other very well. It is true that it is hard to trust someone. I had a friend once too whom i thought is a good friend of mine but she turn out to be a traitor and fake. I guess i was lucky to still find a friend who is there for me at times when i am down. Seldom youll find a friend who will stood by you till the end.
@shooie (4986)
• United States
26 Sep 08
I had a best friend and ended up marrying have known him 2 and half years and been married to him for 9 years so over 11 years. I have a very dear friend in here I feel I can tell her anything. Have known her a little over 2 years but we met online in another chat room. Lady Marissas (smiles) then I have another friend that I have had for about 3 years and one more that have had for 2 years. I have had friends stab me in the back but the thing is I don't tell my friends anything I don't want repeated or if I say don't repeat it, it isn't real bad if they do.