where do you see your self in 10 years?

September 29, 2008 9:42am CST
i see my self.... ( i want to own my own bussiness) i can see myself in 10 years owning my own place, being and doing what i always wanted. This is one dream i have and i hope so much that i can make it happen...
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@onlydia (2808)
• United States
30 Sep 08
I see myself doing the samething I'm doing now. I wish that I could retire but no. So I will be working at the place I'm at now or somewhere else. have a nice day.
@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
29 Sep 08
if things go like i wish and hope they would then i will be the CEO of a company and will be doing good to bring good to what ever class of people i can. needs a lot of hard work to get there and i have started well in my university and will make it up there... these dreams keep us engaged in life and thats life.. be a dreamer!!
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• Canada
29 Sep 08
right on!! hope you make it, i believe that if you really believe in your self you can make anuthing happen! best of luck to you!! :)
@Humbug25 (12551)
29 Sep 08
Hello mattcassethan At the moment I have to take each week as it comes because I can't see any further than that right now though I would like to have my own business that would be great but doing what I don't know!
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@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
29 Sep 08
My family and I are hoping to see myself with them ten years from now is that we build our own commercial residence house in the Philippines and that my wife would resigned from work and take good care of daughter and I will assist her to do the business in the Philippines......
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@paid2write (5202)
29 Sep 08
I have never been able to see that far ahead. Many of the things I wanted in life took much longer than ten years, but that was because I did not make them into specific goals. I do more goal-making now and I have future plans, but I can't visualize more than a few years at a time. My life has always had unexpected events in it, and I make major changes every few years. I just tell myself: In 2009 all will be fine. By 2010 I will be debt free!
@supersach (1523)
• India
25 Oct 08
Frankly, I've absolutely no idea where I WANT to be or where I WILL be. I'm someone who just believes in living in the present. I mean, yes, one needs to plan for the future to some extent and I suppose one should at least outline what kind of future he/she wants to have but having the whole picture painted when nothing is certain is like living in dreams and I would never want to do that. Afterall, life is full suprises, full of so many possibilites and sometimes things that you never thought of happen and you just keep wondering how did they happen. Sometimes, people plan for the future but all their plans are thwarted by fate and then they find it very difficult to get back on their feet and live life once again so it's better to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. Life is unpredictable, nothing is certain, possibilities are limitless and not all of them are what you want them to be but all of them will be memorable, for sure. I just completed graduation a few months ago, now preparing for MBA entrance tests and at this point of time, all I'm thinking of is securing an admission in a good business school. Whatever happens after that will be seen and dealt with as and when time comes but one thing is for sure that irrespective of wherever I end up, whatever I become, if I keep giving my 100% and have faith in myself and my abilities then this life will be worth living.
• United States
3 Oct 08
I see myself better off fiancially than I am today. I will be closer to retirement age by then. I hope to own my own business by then too.