Owned and Operated by Paidtoclickworld - Best COMMUNICATION EVER!!

@redkathy (3375)
United States
September 29, 2008 8:50pm CST
I really like this site and I can tell you the admin, Spike, has great communication with his clickers. I get an email whenever a new click is added during the day. On the home page they have the following promotion - "Every New Member Gets 5000 Featured Links worth $6.50 after making just 50 Clicks. This offer expires Midnight EST 30th September" So I got an email, along with everyone else, asking for a rely to the email with a URL in order to receive your 5000 links. So I replied but didn't send the URL. He sent another request for it. Mind you this is something free. Anyway, I was busy so I sent my user name, not thinking. Again he replied, asking for the URL ok I get it and sent the URL link! I was so impressed with this communication that I went there and read everything on the site! I was impressed with their advertising "stack" where they bundle advertising with referrals and guarantee you to double your money. Between the updates and the communication of the admin, I bought one stack for $10.00! Their "Mickey Mouse" banner is on my profile if you are interested in joining. I feel good about this one, for sure! What PTC site do you know where the admin goes to such trouble to give something away? Can communication make the difference between investing and not investing?
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