Would you fight a shark for your pet.

@thedaddym (1737)
United States
October 1, 2008 3:30pm CST
I was watching a morning news show this morning and they had a man on there with his dog. Apparently the man was fishing or something in the ocean and his dog was swimming in the water. The man saw a dark figure appear underneath his dog. Then suddenly a shark popped up and took his little dog into his mouth and took him under water. The man thought for a second and then jumped into the water directly at the shark punching his fists in to the shark as he landed. The shark let go of the little dog, and the man and the dog swam quickly to shore, apparently they were not that far out. Would you risk being attacked by a shark to save your pet?
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@ladym33 (11007)
• United States
3 Oct 08
My dog is no longer with me, we lost her to old age last year. I loved her tremedously though, I am sure that I would risk my life to save her. I don't know if I would have done it the same way that, that man did. But I would have definately tried to save her. I always considered my dog as part of my family, and we had her before our kids so she was kind of like our kid for a while. She was family to me, and therefore, I would have risked my life for h.
• Australia
1 Oct 08
lol, no way, its just a pet, i mean why would you want to rick your life, and if you do die and your pet survives then whats the point, the whole point of jumping to save your pet was so you can keep him. But definately not, i am sure i would only risk my life to save the precious life of another hume being. Happy MyLotting!
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
1 Oct 08
Hi thedaddym. I don't know but I think I would. I love my pets like my babies. They are my children so I think I woud do it. When something like that happen we don't think along, we simply act. I hope it never will happen with me LOL. Have a nice day.