I have questions about Cha Cha

United States
October 1, 2008 4:44pm CST
Can anybody give me straight answers from actual experience? I went to the site and read all the information, but there's still a lot I need to know. How fast do you have to type? Is there a set time for how long you have to answer a question? Can you pick and choose questions or are they assigned to you? Do you have to have a phone? I've heard that you do, but there's nothing about it in the information for generalists. If you decide to quit and you haven't made $100.00 will they pay you?
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• United States
2 Oct 08
I'm not a guide - I applied but failed. However, I know some of the answers you seek. First, typing speed isn't all they're looking for, they also require accuracy. So I would try for accuracy over speed. I type roughly 100WPM and I passed the typing portion well over fine, I doubt anything over 60WPM would be rejected. I believe the idea is to answer the question in under 3min. That's your goal. Questions are assigned to you based on categories you choose, so you can choose "sports basketball" and get questions related to that expedited to you. I don't believe you having a phone matters. Unsure of the answer for that last inquiry - try taking a look at the ChaCha forum to ask that one, maybe.