I hate, hate, hate our state unemployment office

United States
@sedel1027 (17875)
October 2, 2008 12:13am CST
My hubby got "downsized". So yea for us, this Friday's pay check is his last. At least he can get unemployment. I thought that would be a good thing. So we (more like I) filled out the paperwork online to be processed. I was talking to a friend of ours who lives in PA and he tells me not to worry because when he was on unemployment get got like 60% of his pay. My curiosity spiked (and because I an a nervous nelly) I decided to research how much my husband should get a week. So I found a calculator online (good for 2004) and inputted all the numbers and it spat out $240/week. Then I found out that Louisiana is 41 out of 50 state for how low their pay out is. Now I know that unemployment is temporary, but how are you suppose to live on roughly 30% (or less) of what you would normally make a week? After I get over that shock. We get the letter in the mail today showing what he will actually get. $221/week. Apparently, they are using 2nd-4th Qtr for 2007 and 1st Qtr for 2008. I start looking a bit harder, and there is at least $5K worth of wages that are not listed (that we have proof of). I made him call the unemployment folks and I faxed over all of the proof we have. I also think I found an error in one of his W2s. Not 100% sure about that, but I know about how many hours he was working a week for the company and how much he was making per hour, I checked our our deposits for the months he was at the jobs, and it all just doesn't add up. So either I have my dates wrong, somehow we had mysterious deposits, or the company messed up. Of course, since I have the W2s I didn't keep the pay stubs. Anyway, come to find out no matter how much you make, they cap payments out at $258/week! Moral of the story don't move to Louisiana LOL Find out the other states that payout even lower, if you live there, move!