My used some colorful language while we were on vacation.

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October 2, 2008 9:24am CST
Im really not sure how to handle it. My Son used the *F* word at my parents house while I was gone on vacation. I know he learned it at school because that isnt a word we use at home and try to keep him away from as much as possible. It is hard for me because I am a believer in home school but my Hubby thinks he will turn out weird. I know I can teach him well, He was well ahead when he entered public school. How do you deal with these issues and worse ones when they arise?
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3 Oct 08
My 4 years old is like a parrot...and whatever she hears she imitates. And this usually comes from the tv. One day, she was telling her 1 year old sister to "shut up"...and never in the house we use that word. So, I calmly ask her what did she say and she repeated it. I asked her where did she hear it and she told me from a tv cartoon. Then I asked her again, "did you hear Mama and Papa saying that to you or your sister or around the house? ". She told me no and she thinks those are new words. I explained to her that whatever she sees or hears on tv doesn't need to be repeated or imitated because those are for entertainment purposes. Aside from explaining, I monitored closely what she is watching and letting her watch more VHS/DVD's rather than live tv. I also cut her tv time and let her do more arts and crafts. I haven't heard her say anything bad or some shocking words.
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7 Oct 08
We watch what the kids are around but we cant control what he hears at school. It is hard to control it all. I use clean language and my Hubby keeps it clean at home. ( Im not sure what he does at work. ) It is hard to keep up on it all.