Im struggeling to accept public education for my kids.

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October 2, 2008 9:30am CST
My Son is a smart kid. He reads at a 3rd grade level and he is only in first grade. The teacher tested him and at first she had him at the right level or one close to it. Now I check and she has brought him back down to normal so he feels like he is successful. I talked to her about it and she thinks it is the right thing to do. At home he reads chapter books and at school he is reading books with two to three words per page. I want him to feel successful but I want him to learn and be challenged too. He reads at school then he has a book he takes home to read. It should take kim 20 minutes and he finishes in 2 so we fill in with our books from home. I understand no child left behind, but is it really necessary to keep the ones that can go ahead behind to keep it all fair? And if this is happening with my kid how many other kids are dealing with this too and their parents dont know?
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2 Oct 08
I think the fundamental thought for the no child left behind laws, were intended to help, but really they just interfere. I think every child should be allowed to work at the level they can work at. My observations are a little different than yours though. I find public schools, to have standards that are too high, and unable for alot of children to reach. I think they put too much pressure, and stress on these young children, all in the name of money. I think if your child is accelerated, then you need to do what is best for him. Ask to have him tested for accelerated classes, or look into an umbrella school, or Homeschooling. Do you feel that he thinks he is successful reading at the level he does, or maybe you are pushing him to hard to be an accelerated reader. Whichever it may be, you need to decide what you feel, is best for your child, not the teacher.
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4 Oct 08
Here in lies the next issue. My Son is active. Very very active. He has enough energy for all of us. When he sits for 6 hours listening to his teacher he loses focus and begins to day dream. I think he would struggle in an advanced class due to this, Or maybe it would keep him interested. Last year he had a great teacher that treated each child like an individual instead of a group. I got spoiled. I have stuff for him to do at home to keep him stimulated, I just wish he wasnt wasting all thoes hours at school. I dont want to stir the pot to much, I would hate if the teacher took my opinions out on him.