Another good one...

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October 2, 2008 11:26am CST
The one I posted earlier reminded me of this one. It came off a comedy tape I heard years ago. I don't remember who it was, but it popped in my head all of a goes... There once was a lady named Hilda She went for a walk with a builder He knew that he could And that he should And he would And he DID And he damn near killed her. LOL
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2 Oct 08
Ummmmm...I don't get. I guess you had to read the first
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2 Oct 08 I get!
@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
3 Oct 08
I like them a lot. They are very funny. However, (and please don't take this the wrong way)...but mylot guidelines, frowns on people telling jokes to use for discussion purposes. Just in case you weren't aware. But definitely funny, yes. cd
@jahrock (111)
2 Oct 08
Tried reading your limerick as a poem, (as one does) and found it didn't quite scan, so decided to rewrite it as: There once was a lady named Hilda Who went for a walk with a builder. He knew that he could, She figured that he would, And he did And it damn nearly killed her. Then I thought I'd check to see if there was a copy of the original, because you know what they say, there are no new jokes, just people rehashing the old ones! Courtesy of a web site with verses4cards, this is what I found. There was a young lady named Hilda Who went driving one night with a builder. He said that he should, That he could and he would, And he did, and it pretty near killed 'er. Happy days!