If you could, what great invention would you take credit for?

October 2, 2008 12:31pm CST
heres one for the thinkers.....what would it be.... television? telephone?...IPOD??? what are your thoughts?
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• Canada
9 Oct 08
If i could take ther credit for any one invention it would have to be the computer. Only becasue it is a central tool in our society today.
2 Oct 08
Writing. I'd say spoken language, but I think that was far more organic in its creation than any complex written system. What other invention has aided the growth of our species and civilisations in such a massive way? Before the advent of writing (on whatever continent, with whatever system you prefer) knowledge could only be passed on from one person to the next. It could not travel through time or space without a living, breathing human being holding on to it. BAM The written word arrives. Now a scroll, a tablet, a slab, a wall could pass knowledge on from one time to another and, as writing materials became smaller, lighter, that knowledge could move across the land as well as through time. Though there is the school of thought that no one person invented or even organised any writing system, they were all totally organic in their evolution. I'll just... ignore that. lol