What Do You Feel If your Husband Shout and Nag On You?

@rainmark (4306)
October 3, 2008 9:50am CST
I started this discussions to asked women/wife that what would you feel if your husband shouting and Nagging on you? Im just curious because i encountered some wives are emotionally maltreated by their husband during my college practicum. Husband always shouting on his wife and nagging on her with the bad words and it's totally emotional abuse.They just only crying and crying and never answering back to him and fight and i don't understand why the wife keep staying with him inbehalf of his attitude. If that happens to you, how you handle your husband, would you stay or leave him?
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
3 Oct 08
I would feel bad no doubt. I will try to solve the problem or i would not be able to survive in a marriage like that.
• United States
18 Nov 08
we get this alot in our house hold now there is children and it has carried over to them .the constant naging and yelling and complaining hurts .you wounder does this happen everywhere?you here so many people saying you need to keep trying a marriege is for ever.but what if this person never changes and it just keeps geting worse thru the years .i think this is harmful.
• China
5 Oct 08
As women,we should fight against this unfair situation.
@jackiew (915)
• Canada
5 Oct 08
to me this is not a relationship-the men are in control and that is not healthy-These women are actually going through abuse-not physically but mentally-they should leave the relationship and move on to a healthier life.
@zakirpro (32)
4 Oct 08
i would leave him u deserve better
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
3 Oct 08
NO one likes to be shouted or nagged at.. iT includes both the husband and wife.. But from a wife's point of view, they should not ever be shouted at or even abused, because they are supposed to be cared for and loved, and protect.. If husbands were to shout at their wives, that husband is not any good for one day he might get violent, and he doesn't really know the meaning of respect.. As for nagging, no matter what, we seldom see husbands nagging, and normally it's the wife whom nag.. haha =D And i also dun see any reason as to why will a husband nag??
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
3 Oct 08
Fighting in marriage is a very common affair. After exchanging heated arguments between wife and husband it will cool down naturally and it will turn to normal again. I will not pack my bags and go if my husband shout at me. why should I act like a small kid, I have to reason out why he burst out first. Normally we will settle our misunderstandings with a little bit of patience. There should be a give and take attitude between husband and wife.