Are bodies just vessels or does the "sprit" hang around after death?

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October 3, 2008 10:14am CST
After reading another discussion abotu wakes, I was reminded of when my grandmother passed away. I am not a fan of dead humans. Well, let me rephrase that. I am not scared of dead bodies. I don't like dead bodies that are made up to be a live. At my grandmothers funeral, my mom was having a small cow that I wouldn't go see the body. I told her (which this is soemthing she should believe since she is catholic) that my grandmother wasn't there any more and that was just a dead body. Her reasoning is that I needed to see the body because it "was still my grandmother". I don't get wakes and why people want to go to them. I don't understand how seeing someone dead helps with closure. The day my husband leaves for boot camp this year will be the anniversary of my grandmothers burial and after all these years I still get upset (she died 7 years ago). So what is your take? Does wakes help? Do you believe that the spirit even hangs around long enough to see how many people "view" their body?
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4 Oct 08
yes this sack we call a body is only a vessel. it's the soul inside,( the things we accomplish, the love we share, the smiles we bring and enjoy, the hearts we touch and those that touch us, the fears we have and the strengths we contain), this is what is and will go in the end. we do not always leave happy, but we arrive the same way we leave, kicking and screaming. after my father Dad, passed on he came back to visit me for over 2 weeks every morning at about 3:00am, each morning at around 3:00 he would be standing at the base of my bed stareing at me. i don't know if he stood there long but i could feel his presence. i sat bolt upright each time he came, after loseing some much needed sleep over the period of 2 weeks, i finally asked him why he was here, he smiled and said that he was ok and wanted me to know it, i said yes dad i know,(as i had been where he is now 3 times) and brought back for some unknown reason. i asked him if there was someone else that he wanted to tell. that was the last visit with me. the next week my son told me of his visit with him. i feel he saved my sons life that night. he's a trucker and was nearing his drop off point but being so tired, he pulled over for a rest. when he awoke his swindle sheet had been filled in so as not to allow him to drive for another 8 hours, so he went back to sleep not thinking anything of it. the next morning he awoke to sirens. turns out there had been a very bad accident up the highway a few miles at around (3:00) that morning. many trucks had been in the accident as well as cars, some deaths were accounted for and many injuries. i feel my dad was there for him that night. yes we do come back to check on our children and make sure they understand.
@Zephier (73)
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4 Oct 08
Some people believe, as do i, that the spirit/soul of a person has moved on days before their passing unless it's a sudden accident and not a natural passing. There's no problem with how you think though. Because what you're feeling, that nothing's there anymore, is something not everyone can feel or refuse to acknowledge. I've never really liked the concept of wakes either. All i've felt is the presence of someone missing every time i've attended one.
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4 Oct 08
In my experiance, I have found that you do need closure with a loved one who passes. I took care of my grandmother for 8 years before she had passed. I did not go to see her at her wake cuz i was really upset. I did not want to see her the way she was. I wanted to remember her the way she was before she had passed. Now i wish that i have went to see her. I still to this day cry on her birthday, and the day she had passed. She passed the day before her birthday. I know this sounds funny, i ended up getting pregnant about a week after she had passed and i think it was a gift from her. So to your question yes i think they hang arnd to see how the family is going to be and if they are going to be okay.
@stephcjh (32327)
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3 Oct 08
I'm not really sure. I have heard alot of stories about this though. I'm not sure if the spirit stays around or not. I do not know of anyone who will really tell us the truth or facts about it without making some of it up.