How would you rate yourself as a woman?

@Masmasika (1922)
October 4, 2008 8:34am CST
A woman is supposed to be someone who could be everything. A sister, mother, wife, adviser, parent, teacher, provider, etc, etc. Nowadays, women are not anymore the typical housewife who takes care of the needs of the family. Women now are more than housekeepers and housewives. They are executives, bread winners, soldiers, and name it, they are there. Women are now at par with men and could do things that men do. If you are to rate yourself as a woman would you be happy to say you belong to the top rank? Where would you stand? Outstanding, above average, average, or below average? You should rate yourself with honesty because that's the only way you can give yourself importance. Me? I would say, a little above the average. Rate yourself now
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@palonghorn (5486)
• United States
4 Oct 08
I would probably rate myself (which I don't really rate myself, I just know who I am) above average. I'm a mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, housekeeper, cook, vet, when mine or someone elses's animal is sick (they just call me! lol), maintenance person, wildland firefighter, personal secretary (for my s/o lol), photographer. So yeah, I would guess I'm a little above average.